Who We Are

A Tradition of Quality

We are a multi-generational family business with a long-term dedicated workforce. Having perfected their craft years ago, our experienced team takes pride in their work and continues to develop design improvements aligned with our guiding principles.

Inspired by the special properties of inversion kinematics, the Maxsphere team lovingly developed its series of Max Mixers to address weaknesses our customers experience with rival products in the marketplace.

Our business has grown through word-of-mouth based on our quality products and long-term relationships. We are committed to personalized service and welcome the opportunity to earn your trust.

We supply leading companies large and small, including several Fortune 500 companies. References available upon request.

Our Guiding Principles

Do one thing really well
Simple is better
Right to repair
Quality at a fair price

The Max Mixer is for:

Food Manufacturing  Pet Food & Animal Feed  Pharmaceuticals   Supplements & Homeopathy   Medical Devices Beauty & Personal Care   Chemicals   Plastics & Polymers   Building Materials  Mining & Mettalurgy   Tool & Die Nuclear   Defense   Ceramics   Energy (oil, gas & nuclear)

Discover the industry's best-kept secret and make your CAPEX budget go further

A history
rooted in scientific

To achieve their gentle yet highly efficient mixing action, Max Mixers employ unique physics that draw on the mathematical principles first formalized by Paul Schatz (1898 - 1979). Schatz made landmark discoveries related to the platonic solids—geometric shapes that have fascinated humanity since antiquity—and developed related practical applications including the oloid.

The special characteristics of this object, related to surface area contact and meander-based momentum, are integral to the function of the Max Mixer. This knowledge was passed down to Maxsphere directly from a former acquaintance of Paul Schatz.

See the magic of the oloid come to life in the motion
of the Max Mixer.